Brent Ross


Brent Ross has nearly 20 years of experience in the real estate field, beginning with his first acquisition of a four-family brownstone in Brooklyn. As a broker, investor, and manager, he has developed a deep body of knowledge about the industry. At AR Spruce, Brent manages all vendor, supplier, and contractor work on construction projects in the field. He works with the design and construction team to troubleshoot and resolve onsite issues and coordinates communication with the client as it relates to logistics and work progress. Brent has a special talent for fostering healthy and collaborative relationships between the design, construction, and ownership teams.

Prior to his work in real estate Brent worked at The New York City Transit Authority in the Railroad Engineering Division designing, testing and implementing two fleets of Kawaski trains. Brent continues to manage his own portfolio of small unit multifamily investment properties across the states of Georgia, Pennsylvania and New York. When he’s not spending time with his wife of 20 years and his three children he can be found playing golf, riding his motorcycle, and volunteering to support youth in underserved and low-income communities.

  • Hampton University, BS, Electrical Engineering
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