From a Maze-Like Passage to a Destination
Station Shops Master Lease at SEPTA’s Suburban Station - Management of 40k sf of TOD Retail

With 100,000 people passing through daily, the primary commuter rail terminal of Philadelphia merits redevelopment that reflects its role as the central transit hub of the city. When we took on the master lease for 40,000 SF of station retail from the Southeastern Pennsylvanian Transportation Authority (SEPTA) our goal was to reconceive the Station Shops to add value for the real estate, for SEPTA, for building owners and the city. This phased public/private process requires

  • Creating an agreed-upon charter with multiple diverse stakeholder groups
  • Working with multiple agencies to address homelessness
  • Designing a proof-of-concept pilot program, including improved d wayfinding and design guidelines
  • Developing a realistic financial plan for a complex site
  • Rebranding the station
  • Retenanting the stores with both local and national brands

A Vision Forged Through Consensus
With stakeholders ranging from retailers and commuters to SEPTA and the Office of Homeless Services, aligning common goals was crucial. We’ve worked to decrease the homeless presence, assist in procuring better cleaning, implement better orientation aids and clearer navigation, and plan an achievable main entrance. We’re bringing in a new mix of stores and at the same time increasing rents. We’re working on sustainability, better lighting, and better policing. Our work is planned not only to make commutes more convenient, but to help the Station become a destination in itself rather than a place to simply exit.

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