Finding Practical Answers to Complex Facilities Issues
hased 10-Year Asset Strategy & Execution for Montgomery County — Strategic Real Estate Planning

Following an intense strategic real estate planning effort, Montgomery County adopted our recommendations for a $276 million redevelopment of the Norristown county complex. The multi-phased project is comprised of four major segments: reskinning the occupied One Montgomery Plaza office building, renovating the historic courthouse and creating a significant addition, redesigning and expanding Hancock Square, and renovating the interior of One Montgomery Plaza, the County office building, while occupied. Our recommendations focused not only on organizing the county’s campus but on using its presence to strengthen Norristown’s urban core.

Working with the County team, we defined methods for efficient decision making and communicating with stakeholders, and identified key stakeholders including users, building operators, administrative leadership, elected officials, partner organizations, and the public-at-large. We established and led an inclusive goal-setting process that reconciled the County’s bonding and financial capabilities with the viewpoints of stakeholders and hard reality (building conditions, repair estimates, and program needs/space requirements) to create a common set of objectives. We then worked through a daunting array of variables to create alternative concept plans, vet options for temporary sites, and analyze each option’s impact in terms of time, cost, and benefit.

  • Managed Government & Public Stakeholder To Achieve Consensus 
  • Phased Project To Align With County Cash Flow / Bond Capacity
  • Adjusted Separations Act Construction Contracts to Incorporate Lean Methodology 
  • Incorporated Target Value Design Methods Into County Budgeting Process 
  • Developed Re-Use Plan For Historic Courthouse, County Office Building, and Central Square

From Planning to Creation
We executed the first phases of the redevelopment as Project Manager, and assisted the County in redrafting its construction procurement and contracting process and documents to increase efficiency while meeting the requirements of the PA Separations Act. We brought Lean Construction and Target Value Design methodology to a multi-prime environment and provided real-time estimating and constructability testing throughout the design process to ensure budget and schedule accuracy.

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