Big Picture and Finer Details
American Philosophical Society—Real Estate Analysis and Project Management

We help the American Philosophical Society with real estate matters and facility project management. Founded by Benjamin Franklin, the APS owns four buildings in Philadelphia adjacent to Independence Hall, from the 18th to the 20th Century. We’ve conducted longer-term planning for the nonprofit organization’s real estate portfolio, while also helping assess, plan and manage shorter-term projects.

This work has included configuring space for APS Fellows in Richardson Hall and adapting Library Hall for mobile compact shelving to double its storage capacity. This surprisingly complex undertaking involves many months of:

  • Identifying and engaging appropriate designers and trade contractors
  • Planning and executing a carefully orchestrated process
  • Managing the temporary removal and storage of rare manuscripts, volumes and bound periodicals
  • Remediating and replacing asbestos floor tiles
  • Reinforcing concrete floor structures
  • Removing and replacing existing lighting with high efficiency LEDs
  • Installation of new shelving systems, reusing and recycling as much of the existing components as possible.

Comprehensive services and support
As often happens, our work with APS spans from the strategic to the extremely detailed tactical. Our broad expertise across real estate and understanding of its role in business operations allow us to provide the client with comprehensive value.

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