A Smarter, Faster Path to a Data Center
Designing a Construction Procurement Process for a Data Center REIT

Given the rapid growth in the data center market and an increasing demand for services, this large data center Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) needed to revamp its design and construction procurement and management processes. We’d already assisted with the build-out of some of Digital’s complex data centers, so we were well positioned to help. We worked with Digital’s in-house design and construction team to redesign project management workflow and redraft design and construction contract templates formulated to

  • Standardize work with multiple contractors
  • Allow the REIT to create meaningful metrics out of data gleaned from dozens of projects
  • Enable rapid deployment of an extremely capital-intensive product across a national footprint

Meeting the moment with expertise
To stay competitive and continue to satisfy customer demand, Digital needed a process that reflected the leading-edge technology contained within its machine rooms—fast, smart and efficient. Our experience in the data center construction space, in addition to years of project management work, prepared us to deliver the right client solution—one that would pay out in dividends for years to come.

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